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Health & Fitness - Past, Present and Beyond

I have always been a keen all round sportsman representing schools, college, university and clubs in a mix of football, rugby, athletics and cross-country, representing my county at U18 schools Football. More recently my passion for running has come to the fore. As a keen runner I am always looking to improve on existing PBs, I ran my first Half marathon back in the 2008 Great North Run in sub 1hr 40 and then a year later I smashed my PB at the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in late September 2009 in 1hr 33 mins 19 secs. I was going to re-enter again in 2010 but a slight scheduling conflict with my wife's birthday has led me to (cough) reassess my priorities! Then my wife and I had twins and it took all my time to keep myself fed and watered never mind enter comps. However a layoff isn't always a bad thing, last year I finally hit sub 40 in a 10k and attained my most triumphant running achievement to date, I completed the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in 1hr 28m 57s. 

However for all my talk of PB's I ultimately only do a few races a year, the rest of the time I'm running for the sheer enjoyment of it (outdoors not treadmill) .One day I will inevitably peak and PB's will be harder to come by but once a runner always a runner, I'll never stop.

My 2013 challenge was a doozy - - a 20mile Obstacle Race (200 obstacles!). If you'd have asked me 10 years ago if I'd be doing that type of a challenge in my mid 30's, the rather portly chap staring at you would have thought you were mad and gone back to his bucket of transfats fried chicken! Update: I survived! EDIT: In fact I went back and did it again in 2014 just to show it who was the boss. Then after a bit of a breather I did a 10miler in October, this was after a bit of a lull training wise so I was chuffed with a sub 1:08, I was even more chuffed when I was awarded 3rd fastest ....FEMALE, hmmm, we'll chalk that one down to admin error as I definitely wasn't drag racing.

More recently I entered my running group into the Santa Dash 5k in Trent Park (in December if you hadn't guessed), Enfield and I won it, whilst it was the first actual 'win' to my name I was more pleased that I did it in a sub 20minute time on a hilly trail course. 

For anyone with doubts about running or if you've ever uttered the words "I can't run", pish and tosh, it is never too late to start and in fact research show that people who come to running later in life tend to stay with it for longer, maybe its because they get to enjoy their PB's fresh when others are left remembering their times of many many moons ago !

They key is simply to not try and do too much to soon, plus if you need a helping hand to get started then you know who to call :)

The More Personal Bio Stuff

If you just read the information above you'd be right in thinking I'm an active type who is in reasonably good shape, what the above doesn't mention is that for a significant period between University and my wedding I was far from the fitness levels and shape that I am at now. No stranger to a KFC bargain bucket, I developed an additional level of insulation in the form of excess adipose tissue (or simply, fat) that would make a hibernating polar bear envious. The reasons were the usual type of thing, love of a pint (or 8), the unspoken love between man and post pint fried food and a general reduction in levels of exercise.

I used to play a lot of football, then I left University and stopped, I occasionally played 5'a'side but we spent more time in the pub socializing after the game than we did playing, then I spent more time watching football than playing (and the pint drinking / pie eating that goes with a pre and post match analysis of Darlington Football Club!

Then I moved to London, made new friends, socialized more, changed jobs, made more new friends, socialized with said friends as well. Life was great, but slowly and surely my body composition changed. Until one day someone posts pictures of your latest social outing online and you catch sight of a photo that stops you in your tracks, a tingle of ice down the spine (or was that fat back sweat?), ok its the angle you tell yourself, the camera adds 10lbs 'so how many cameras were on me' - Quote, Chandler, Friends.

Ultimately no matter how you play it, that person in the picture is none other than yours truly. You check other pics, you compare with younger you. Eek, what happened! Now this is the decision point. Was I happy being bigger and unfit? I wasn't, you might be. However as you're reading this on a PT website I'm going to assume that you think along the similar lines to me and either want to stay in shape or get in shape.

That's what I did, combined with an impending wedding and thus wedding photos that stay with you forever, I determined to get into shape and in a nutshell I signed up for a 10k road race and trained for it. That was over 5 years ago and I have gone from strength to strength ever since, in fact I'm so passionate about it nowadays that I set up Jigsaw Personal Training and do it for a living.

Incidentally I did that first 10k in about 56 minutes. By comparison I can now run a half marathon (21k) in 1hr 28m 57s. So it's never too late to start! Now that's not a world record breaking time (and I personally believe I can go faster) but that's not the point. The point is that it is a huge improvement for me personally, because unless you're competing at an elite level professionally (and to an extent,even then) the only person you're really competing with is yourself.

I destroy my arch nemesis Fatadam week in week out, I run further than him, eat healthier than him and ultimately will not only live longer than him but I will have a greater quality of life for the duration of my stay on planet Earth.

By the way, I'm not saying running is the only answer, its not, it just was for me, I'm happy to work with you to identify your goals and the best way for you to achieve and maintain those goals. So contact me now for your free consultation.

Warning Bore-Stat alert. In 2006 the World Health Authority released figures showing the average UK lifespan was 78.5, however the healthy adjusted life expectancy (HALE) is 70.6 “ therefore on average people are living the last 8 years suffering from some form of disease, illness, infirmity. Regular exercise has been proven to help counter these negative factors.

I for one want to live with a good quality of life for as long as I can. This means your retirement planning shouldn't just look at financial elements but health and fitness factors as well. Just as you put money away each month in pensions or investments you need to make regular contributions to your physical wellbeing by maintaining an active lifestyle, and ensuring you have a well balanced nutritious diet. Got you thinking? Then contact me to discuss.

North London areas our Running Coach and Personal Trainer covers: Southgate, Hadley Wood, New Southgate, Bounds Green, Wood Green, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Finchley, East Finchley, North Finchley, Trent Park, Barnet, New Barnet, East Barnet, Enfield, Edmonton, Upper Edmonton, Ponders End, Brimsdown, Winchmore Hill, Arnos Grove, Totteridge, Whetstone, Palmers Green, Oakwood, Friern Barnet, Highgate, Alexandra Park, Finsbury Park, Bowes Park, Harringay, Archway, Tuffnel Park, Turnpike Lane, Hornsey, Crouch End, Highbury, Islington, Fortis Green, Stroud Green, Holloway, Stoke Newington, Dalston, Manor House, Fortune Green, The Hyde, Edgware, Mill Hill, Noal Park, Forty Hill, Ponders End, Borehamwood, Queensbury, Wembley, Seven Sisters, Walthamstow. N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20, N21, N22.

North West London areas our Running Coach and Personal Trainer covers: Regents Park, Camden Town, Cricklewood, Neasden, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Hendon, Brent Cross, Kentish Town , West Hampstead, Kilburn, Queens Park, Mill Hill, St Johns Wood, Kinsbury, Colindale, Willesden, Harlesden, Kensal Green, Golders Green, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW4, NW5, NW6, NW7, NW8, NW9, NW10, NW11.

Central London areas our Running Coach and Personal Trainer covers: Mayfair, Marleybone, Soho, Bayswater, Paddington, Bloomsbury, Greys Inn, Covent Garden, Holborn, The Strand, Clerkenwell, Finsbury, Barbican, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Monument, Tower Hill, Aldgate, Fleet Street, St Pauls W1, W2, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4

South West London areas our Running Coach and Personal Trainer covers: Westminster, Belgravia, Pimlico, Chelsea, Brompton, Battersea, Clapham Junction SW1, SW3, SW11

For all other areas please enquire as we will always endeavour to accomodate your request.


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