Company Bio

I formed Jigsaw in late 2009, I had rediscovered my personal love of running and fitness and wanted to channel this into a new role. I already had a sports science degree from the University of Manchester and I topped this up with a Personal Training Course to gain the REPS II & III qualifications. Therefore Jigsaw was created and I have gone on to help client after client to achieve their goals.

We offer Personal Training sessions that focus primarily on strength and endurance building bodyweight exercises, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and improving general cardiovascular fitness. These are available in 1 hour sessions and if you are local to Enfield/Barnet you can try our shorter 45 and 35min sessions.

Our Running Coaching sessions are tailored to your goals, so whether you're an absolute beginner looking for help getting started, a hit and miss runner looking to take up a new challenge or an established runner working towards a new PB (or distance) then running coaching could be the answer . I am a passionate runner who understands how difficult it can be to start running or to take yourself outside of your comfort zone. I have trained clients for marathons and have lost count of those who I've trained for 5k & 10k runs. Through a mixture of training styles and techniques I can help you to achieve your potential. 

In addition to the above I now offer online running coaching, for more information contact Jigsaw now.

The final piece of the Jigsaw is our Enfield/Barnet based bootcamp, operating twice weekly out of Trent Park and Oak Hill Park. See our Services page for more information






Running Bio


For those that want to know below is a brief recount of some of my recent running credentials and to the right are some of my coaching achievements.

  • I ran the Manchester Marathon in 2017 attaining a Good For Age guaranteed entry to this years Virgin London Marathon. 
  • I helped my club team win the Buntingford 10 miler 2 years in a row gaining a PB of 59:29 in the process
  • Finished 6th overall Veteran in the London Cross Country Met League 2017/18
  • Current PBs of
    • 5k - 17m 47s
    • 5m - 28m 37s
    • 10k - 36m 53s
    • 10m - 59m 29s
    • Half M - 1h 20m 14s
    • Marathon - 3h 05m 00s

I've trained clients for Marathons in Paris, London, Berlin and Brighton to name a few, Ultra challenges like the Rat race Coast to Coast Challenge, many Half marathons, more 5ks and 10ks than I have time to list but even more importantly many clients who believed that running just wasn't for them, it was simply 'too difficult' and they just weren't cut out to be a runner.

'Piffle' I would say, with a sensible approach, a little bit of guidance, and some added motivation, I have taken adamant non runners and helped them to achieve their targets, whether that was to run around their local park without stopping, complete their first parkrun, or run a whole marathon.


The Journey

  • I was a fairly active child and teenager, however...
  • ...that didn't stop me ballooning in my 20's due to fast food and loose living (well too much beer actually)
  • Some of the photos in the first row below probably say more than mere words can
  • So, I decided to do something about it
  • I did a bit of bootcamp, dabbled with football but it was running that reignited my passion for fitness and yielded the results I sought.
  • It wasn't easy, I didn't drop the weight overnight nor did I rack up any impressive times or distances straight away.
  • However, and here I'm giving away the secret to my success, the keys to the kingdom, the holy grail of fitness and weight loss if you will... I stuck with it.  
  • Now I've entered my 40's and I'm in the best shape of my life and feel the fittest I've ever been. 
  • I'm not claiming to be the fastest, the fittest or have the best bod
  • However I am the fastest I've ever been, the fittest I've ever been and lets just say that I had to buy a new wardrobe, and I'm not sorry about it!
  • I didn't go on any faddy diets, I still allowed myself treats and beers but I did so sensibly
  • Whilst all the time building up my fitness with regular exercise that was challenging enough to burn off more calories than I was consuming and give my body the stimulus to adapt and improve.