Jigsaw offers a range of services suitable for every fitness level and goal.                               

Running Coaching

Whether you're an absolute beginner looking to start running, a hit and miss runner looking to take up a new challenge or an established runner working towards a new PB/distance, then a running coach could be your answer . I am a passionate runner who understands how difficult it can be to start running or to take yourself outside of your comfort zone. I have trained clients for their first marathon and have lost count of those who I've trained for 5k & 10k runs. Through a mixture of motivation, education and training techniques I can help you to achieve your potential.

Personal Training

If the thought of running leaves you a bit cold then there is plenty of other exercise I can offer to help improve your fitness and achieve your goals. Through a combination of HIIT training, Boxing and bodyweight exercise our sessions will help you to achieve results. However if you are interested in running but simply lack confidence, I promise that with my help and encouragement I have been able to transform many adamant non-runners into keen running converts.

So whether you're trying to shed a few unwanted lbs, looking to improve your general health and wellbeing or training for a specific event then Jigsaw Personal Training could be the answer for you.

Mini Sessions

Ideal for beginners starting out, those struggling with a full diary or anyone wanting more than 1 coached session a week without breaking the bank . At 35minutes long these sessions still pack enough punch to give you a great workout Choose from PT in the form of HIIT and bodyweight exercises or opt for running coaching to build up initial stamina or focus on a specific speed/interval session.  

Small Group Outdoor Fitness Class

Wednesdays 7-7.50pm, Oak Hill Park
days 8.20-9.10am, Trent Country Park

There's a little bit of everything here, a small but friendly group of boot campers to share the experience with, a small amount of running (amount is optional, so don't be scared!) and a mix of bodyweight exercises, HIIT exercise with some equipment thrown into the mix. 

This is not a hardcore scary 'shouty' boot camp, but nor is it a lazy persons paradise, classes are open to all fitness levels as the exercise intensity is tailored to your ability. You will have the option to push yourself as hard as you want with no pressure to do more than you are comfortable with. Group sizes are kept small to ensure exercises can be supervised adequately and everyone gets to work at their own pace..  

Online Running Coaching

I love running and feel I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share, however until now I could only share that with a small number of running clients and fellow Trent Park running club members.

I have now launched online running coaching as a service. I should make it clear that you are not buying a generic "insert 12week training plan here", the type of plan you can find with the most simple of google searches. I am instead offering the service that can go beyond the set plan to allow you to speak with, email or text a running coach to answer the questions you're struggling with.  Subject to a common sense fair use policy, you can have regular discussions about your training, what is working, what isn't, advice on nutrition, pacing, race strategy, injuries, stretching and whatever other questions crop up. If location permits there is even the option to top up with occasional discounted 1-1 training although this is very much an extra. 

I don't make claim to be the best or to have ever been someone who challenged for the top places however in terms of improvement on a curve my personal achievements have exceeded anything I'd ever imagined and I have led clients to also achieve goals they never though possible. The key on both fronts was always regular quality training that I adapted to suit the individual. The changing demands of lifestyle, training opportunity and the myriad other factors that sometimes mean following your typical standardised 'print off the internet' training plan just wasn't cutting it.

  • Initial consultation call to discuss your running background and targets
  • Create realistic short, medium and long term goals
  • Generic one size fits all plans will NOT be provided, instead we will agree realistic monthly training schedules based on your individual circumstances.
  • Discuss sessions in advance to fully understand and get the most out of them
  • Post session analysis/chat on the completed training sessions
  • Race day advice where applicable (about the event, the course, race plan, nutrition, etc)
  • Unlimited email/text/phone communication with Adam (Subject to common sense usage, no 3am calls please!)
  • Monthly calls to check progress and address any issues with training

For more information on how it could work for you then please contact Adam to discuss.

Set Goals and then Kick ‘em in the face
— Anon